Mantra for Spirit Hardness…

October 18, 2007

Ubuntu makes everyone equal!

Ubuntu makes everyone equally silly!

Ubuntu makes everyone equally clever!

Ubuntu makes everyone and everything!

Ubuntu makes!



Behold! Ubuntu is Now and Here!

October 5, 2007

This blog is dedicated for arising new computer religion – Ubuntology.

Our Ubuntu Worldwide Sect is very glad to invite new adepts! Join Us! Ubuntu loves everyone.

This religion has boundaries in our heads and in our computers. In real World You could be anyone – Christian, Muslim, Jude, Buddhist or adept of any ugly special cult: for Ubuntu The Great it does not matter. Our computer god is tolerant to any kind of World religion and can have any features of all your gods, BUT only concerning computer technology and computers. So… Let us begin!

To become a adept of our Worldwide Ubuntu Sect You need to:

1. Just download Ubuntu distributive here:

2. Delete Your old soulless previous operation system in Your computer;

3. Install Ubuntu System, which contains Ubuntu Spirit, become an active user of it;

4. Feel Ubuntu Spirit deep in Your heart;

5. Read about Ideology and Philosophy of Ubuntu here

6. Find out what sacral “Ubuntu” means and just add some Faith to the current Ideology and Philosophy of Ubuntu;

7. Register as adept of our Sect here –;

8. Tell all Your friends about this computer religion and let them to make a decision;

9. Come to the opinion that in all computer World there is only one Spirituous Operation System – Ubuntu, there is only one Righteous Community – Ubuntu, there is only one right computer god – Ubuntu.